Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What did Rhi do on the weekend?

This post is from last week but I forgot to post it

I’m a pretty terrible singer, but karaoke in front of the TV is one of my favourite things to do with friends. My Sister in law and I decided to sing (shout) some tunes on Friday night while the boys were away. After Bali, my drink of choice has been Mojitos, so Mojitos we drank. Friday nights hardly ever go to plan for me. We’d planned to go to the pub for dinner and after a drink I said ‘can’t be bothered, but I’m still hungry’, to which Sister in law replied ‘Let’s order take out’ (um, der) and that was settled. Delicious wood fired pizza and mojitos.
I should also mention here that the whole night the boys were Facebook messaging us from Vegas. Vegas is five hours in front of Sydney, but one day behind (do you follow)? So while we we’re eating dinner, bashing out karaoke tunes etc., they were dancing away and drinking at the Bellagio in Vegas. Slightly more exciting than our efforts, but is there actually anything better than a drink and pizza on a Friday night?
The answer to that is yes, I wish I was in Vegas with them.
Anyway, we finished the night off by watching The fault in our stars and went to bed early because we’re nanna’s on Friday nights.
Saturday night we had a girls night planned and hotfooted up to Newtown for some two for one cocktails. Kuleto’s (my favourite cocktail bar) have changed their rule so if you want two for one, you have to order with a friend. Um, that defeats the purpose. And anyway, I’m still going to drink just as many cocktails, but probably quicker because I need to allow more time for lining up. There were a few bartenders that would just give you two drinks, but the one that kept serving me kept rolling his eyes and huffing and puffing when I insisted my friend was outside and I’d be giving her the second drink (she was and I did).
Customer service in Australia is just so great, hey!
After Kuleto’s we went over to Newtown Hotel which I was surprised to find had an amazing cider garden. They also have amazing fries and I do love good fries. We were out until about 4am and got some delicious hot chips from the kebab shop on our way home. I wasn’t drinking until 4am before you all assume I’m a drunk, we had a lot of friends out and were dancing and chatting and time slipped away.
Sunday morning Steve got home from the longest week away ever and we spent the rest of the day hanging out and talking about LA and Vegas. Listening to his stories made me want to book a US trip so I put together a plan for an LA, Vegas, New York and DC trip for my Birthday next year.
Who knows if we’ll actually go, but I have my bets on yes and I am excited!

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