Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sew a work wardrobe

I’ve been looking for new work clothes and this season, I haven’t come across much that suits what I want/need. I’m a pretty simple person and I rarely stray from the classics, so it’s pretty easy to turn my nose up at clothes that have cut outs/are too short/too long etc.
I am looking for a wardrobe that will cover all bases, won’t be too boring and that will suit my corporate job. With those criterion in mind, the garments can’t be too short, too out there, low cut etc. I am thinking to start the base project, I will need to source patterns for the following:
   - Cropped trousers
   - Pencil skirt
   - Pencil dress
   - Fit and flare dress (either skater skirt style or pleated)
   - Blazer
   - Simple sleeveless blouse
I’ll start with just those items and then work on expanding the wardrobe to include more items as needed.
Is there anything that you think I should add to the ‘basics’?
Do you know of any good patterns that I can use for the above garments?


  1. Hi Rhi,
    Colette have some great patterns (if you like independent designers). The Moneta dress is an awesome and easy fit-and-flare pattern. Happy sewing!

    1. Thanks! I'll have a look. I need to get back in to sewing. Desperate for some nice work clothes.