Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 makeup items you need

I am no makeup guru, however I do have some idea through trial and error of the items that you should have in your makeup case.
1. Eyebrow pencil/mousse/powder.
This is a relatively new item to me, as in the past year or so. Before I got eyebrow mousse, I wondered why my brows always looked so untidy and fair. Enter eyebrow mousse and my brows started to shape my face well and I could darken them slightly so it didn't look like I had half a brow anymore. I use the benefit brow mousse called Gimme Brows which you can buy here.

2. A good mascara. 
I never used to care at all about mascara and I'd just buy what was on special in priceline. I was then gifted a Chanel mascara and it changed my life forever. It stayed on all day and didn't clump up as most others had. I now buy Benefit 'They're Real' mascara as it goes on well, doesn't clump and provides the thickness that I like on my lashes. You can buy the Benefit mascara here.

3. A good contouring palette.
Contouring was such a foreign word to me until probably last year. I used to just wack a bit of blush on and that was it. I went to Napolean one day and was introduced to the magic that is contouring. I don't contour every day, but if I am going out and doing my makeup nicely, then I put in the effort. I always use highlighter and blush even if I don't contour my whole face as it really brightens up my face. I got the contour palette from Napoleon and you can buy it here

4. A good BB cream. 
Ok, I will admit I am yet to find a good one, but I love wearing it anyway. I hate wearing makeup everyday because I feel like my skin should be able to breathe and heavy makeup doesn't allow that. I use BB cream most days at work and on weekends if I'm not going out. It provides enough coverage to make my skin look even, has SPF in it and is nice and light.

5. A good skincare regime. 
The key to good looking skin is a good skin care regime. You don't need to buy expensive products to have a good skincare regime. I make sure I wash my face (I use dove shea butter soap), tone my skin and moisturise morning and night. Since I started doing this consistently, my skin has been a lot nicer and less dry. 

What are your makeup must haves?

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