Wednesday, November 19, 2014

D's hens party

A few weeks back I got dressed up and headed to the city for my friend D’s hens party. D’s sister and bridesmaids organised the night and it was amazing. Full of activities and full of fun. I didn’t have a hens night, so I was living vicariously through D.
The party started in the hotel room the other girls had gotten at The Grace hotel. Wine and nibbles = a winning combination and a great start to the evening.
The first activity planned was a cocktail making class at La Cita, Darling Harbour. I’d just gotten back from Bali and was desperately missing my daily cocktail, so this class was a goodie. We learnt how to make a cosmopolitan and a mojito (my fav!). Cocktails actually aren’t that hard to make, especially mojitos. The cocktail making (and drinking) was a great starter to lead us in to the next class of the evening – a latin dance class.
Look, I am unco-ordinated. I can’t dance and I had an injured knee, so I couldn’t even do everything the guy told us to. By this time of the night, everyone had a few drinks under their belts, so everyone was right in to it and it was great fun. The group before us took it really seriously which didn’t look like fun. Take yourselves less seriously and everyone is laughing. I can’t follow dancing directions to save myself so I was definitely laughing at myself!
Dancing was followed up with dinner in the restaurant part of La Cita. The food far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t get pics, but I had a steak, mash and veg for my main and the steak was cooked to perfection. This coming from someone who rarely eats steak! I shared a jug of delicious sangria with another of the guests at dinner, because you just can’t go past sangria!
We finished the night at the Retro nightclub. I haven’t been there since I was about 18, but it was good to go back especially since I used to only go with the hen. They played all the old favourite songs.


  1. I hosted many many many many... hens parties when I taught pole dancing. I think it really scarred me for life because I have a big fear of them now. Last time I went to my SIL's hens we kept getting hit on by men at the club. It was just ... so wrong.

    1. Yeah, a lot of men think hens parties are an open invitation to hit on women. We were lucky because the club we were at was mostly women and no-one really approached us, but we did get stopped once when walking to the venue.