Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why I don't care what's in your travel bag

I find it interesting when people write posts about what’s in their travel/hand bags. While I do enjoy reading them, I never go away and think ‘wow, I am going out today to buy those things’ and within ten minutes, I’ve forgotten what they even wrote.
The reason for this post was that I was going to write a ‘what’s in my travel bag’ ahead of my trip to Bali this week. I sat there, thinking of how to structure the post and then thought to myself, ‘no-one gives a shit what you’re taking to Bali’. The thought process went on to conclude that 1. No-one gives a shit and 2. Writing about it just makes me someone that’s rubbing in the fact that I am going away and they are probably not. Which is a bit sad really, isn’t it?
People don’t come here to read what’s in my bag, although I don’t really know what people do come here to read. It’s never been a very ‘informative’ blog, but rather a blog about day to day happenings.
So instead of telling you what’s in my bag because let’s be honest here, I haven’t even packed it, I’ll tell you about my new blog, The Riz.

I started The Riz recently as a way for me to enhance my writing skills because I love writing. I felt with Ebb and Flow that I had carved out a community that wanted to know about me and what I am up to etc. and changing that to the new path I wanted to take didn’t feel like the right thing to do. The Riz will take a more informative approach, with less personal stuff about me and more about places, cafes, restaurants, travel, fashion etc. I haven’t thought of the exact path yet because I am of the belief that you carve that out as you build your blog and so I can’t tell you what exactly to expect. I haven’t decided how personal I will make it, if at all. It may or may not feature ‘what I packed’ for holidays, because I feel that sort of post is better suited to that blog.
I’m not sure if any of that makes sense, and maybe it doesn’t need to just yet. I am just trying to find my feet in writing and in my writing style and this way; I can approach it from two angles. I will still write here, at Ebb and Flow because I do enjoy documenting my life and interacting with those that come back to read the blog. I don’t know how often I will write here because life is busy and I now have two blogs to update. Although, when I say busy I don’t mean busy full of exciting things because if that was the case, I’d blog about it. It’s just busy in general full of stuff people don’t particularly want to read about and so my presence here has dwindled of late.
I know when I read blogs in the past; I loved the personal aspect and what people were doing in their day to day lives. What I like to read has shifted slightly and while I’ll keep going back to read my favourite blogs, I have also added others to the list that take a different approach. I enjoy reading about fashion, how to do things, tips on restaurants, travel tips etc. Since I enjoy reading about it, I felt like it was something I could contribute to, as well.

Anyway, I have rambled on long enough here. Please do pop by The Riz and have a look if you get time. I welcome any (constructive!) feedback, too. There isn’t much there just yet, but stay tuned and there will more posts up shortly.


  1. lol, I don't care what's in people's travel bags as I've traveled enough to know howo to pack. I do love reading about the actual travel part! Travel stories are far more interesting than photos of travel sized makeup remover.

    1. Totally agree. Most people overpack anyway and I just think 'why do you even need that?!' a travel sized eyeshadow to a tropical climate. Um, will you really wear it?