Sunday, February 2, 2014

Early morning in Manly

Last week, S asked me for a huge favour. 'Can you please drop me at my fun run on Saturday morning, Rhi?'. 'Sure, what time?'......'6am'. Whaaattttt. That meant I had to be up at 5 to get ready quickly and pick up a friend before driving to Dee Why. He is lucky I love him and that there was an offer at breakfast at the other end. I must say, I don't wake up that early ever and I was dreading it. I even tried to talk him out of going at one point. I actually ended up enjoying it though and after dropping the boys off in Dee Why, I drove down to Manly, found the last car spot in the place and trotted across to the cafe S's brother works in for coffee. All with my little side kick, Teddy. 

After I'd been sitting down sipping coffee for half an hour, Ted got bored and demanded we go for a walk, so we did just that. We walked up to Shelley beach admiring the sunrise along the way. Thank goodness I took the camera because it really looked amazing. Once we started heading back to the main beach I realised people were starting to reach the finish line so we picked a spot and waited for the boys to finish. 
 After they finished (and both beat their PB!!), we wandered on over to a cafe called Bacino for breakfast. I forgot to get pics but if you're ever in Manly looking for a great breakfast then this is definitely the place to go. It is inexpensive and the food is really delicious.

I don't venture over to Manly often, but I am glad I got to this weekend. It is such a nice place early in the morning when it isn't full of people!


  1. Ooh the sun in the last photo looks stunning! A great reward for getting up so early haha

  2. Ooh I was there too! Same story - dropping & picking up mr TPS

  3. Gorgeous photos!
    Teddy is such a cute doggy, I love his scruffy little head hahahaha