Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday is my least favourite day of the week. I am over it by Wednesdays!
Finally, my ozsale order is on-board with the driver ready to be delivered today. Don’t remember what I ordered? Neither do I. I thought it was too good to be true when I ordered my nail polish and it seems it’s just that. I ordered 4 weeks ago and am just getting them now which is way too slow in this day and age.
In other more exciting delivery news, my coffee beans are coming today. I’ve had two mornings in a row where I had to wait until I got to work for my coffee and it’s a struggle. Last night was a late night because I was up doing some Japanese and despite sleeping right through my alarm, I was still a zombie when I got off the bus. S was joking that I am more of a 12pm-6pm person than a 9am-5pm person.
Yesterday was a really stressful day at work and there was only one solution for that – a stiff drink. S and I ducked out of work earlier than usual and met at Baxters Inn for a little tipple which ended up being a couple of tipples and some pretzels. That place is perfect for unwinding and the old fashions aren’t so bad either. Actually, when I am stressed and think I need a drink (I don’t do that often), I never think of wine or vodka etc –always whiskey. Something about that strong taste that washes the stress away.

I didn’t write a post for the past weekend because the truth is, it was too boring. I did eat out once, but didn’t take pictures and apart from that I was at home/the library. I could tell you all about my library adventures but it would bore your socks off and I am pretty sure that is not what people come to this blog for.
This is a really random post which is why I don’t mind slotting in this next part… I need new clothes for Winter. I know what I want too, but the shopper in me does not know where to start looking because well….there actually is no shopper in me. I want: black leather ankle boots, a green (khaki? Is that what it’s called?) parka type jacket, woollen jumpers, a black vest (but not a daggy one) and some other bits and pieces. Tell me – where is your go to for shopping? I want clothes that aren’t too expensive but that will last the whole season at least.
And that is all for today, folks.


  1. Old fashion - remind me of Don Draper, I want to try that drink one day!

  2. Replies
    1. Been on there today and have found a few things I like. Now I just need to order!

  3. Like Baxter Inn...seems like a rendezvous when you describe your meeting with S in a back alleyway bar. :)

  4. I just stocked up on winter clothes, mostly at Witchery and Country Road (with a couple of things from Trenery, DJs and Bardot). I saw a parka like the one you describe in Forever New if that helps at all :)

    1. Thanks for the rec. I looked at Forever New and they had the perfect one!