Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Steve celebrated his Birthday this week and we all know I am a lover of all things Birthday! We kicked off the celebrations with dinner at the farm on Friday evening where we had the first Birthday Cake. I got him a chocolate mousse cake from Lorraine’s Pattiserie in the city and it was divine. If you need to buy a cake, go there!
The next lot of celebrations happened on Saturday evening at Kingston Public in Newtown. We went with his cousins and sister for a couple of drinks before heading to a cafĂ© a few doors down (can’t remember the name) where we shared a tasting platter. The tasting platter was awful. Gross, old food. Lucky the cocktails at Kingston Public more than made up for it. They have a great selection on the menu and the bar staff are really friendly.
Monday was his actual Birthday. Every year, I put a sign up that says ‘Happy Birthday’ for him to wake up to. He went off to work and we met for lunch with his sister and her husband and went to Reuben and Moore in the Westfield’s food court for a delicious roast meat place. Have you been to that place? If not, go there asap. The food is amazing!
I cooked Steve a Moroccan roast chicken with roast veg for dinner, sourced from the David Jones food hall which was followed by an array of desserts from the same place and then some other delicious treats that Steve’s other sister bought from the Health Food Store in Newtown. After dinner we all went for a nice walk with Ted which was a lovely way to end the day. We will also be going out for dinner Saturday night which will be a lovely ending to his Birthday week.
Steve, you are the best! I hope you had a fantastic Birthday and I am so glad you got excited this year because it isn’t much fun when I am the only one excited even when it’s not my Birthday.



  1. Awwww this is so sweet, you guys are so cute!!

  2. Steve and I share the same bday! How awesome! I am ravenous now from the delicious looking food porn you've shared even tho shame that the tasting platter wasn't good.

    1. Happy Birthday for Monday!

      I just looked at this post too and am hungry again, ha!