Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Noosa with K

When I went to visit K in Brisbane, we decided to take a day trip to Noosa as K had been a few times before and absolutely loved it. It’s about a 2 hour drive from Brisbane, but the trip goes really quickly so we hardly noticed it.
As soon as we got there I was surprised at how many bush turkeys there were wandering around. They are harmless and don’t bother you at all and their colours are really beautiful. We wandered down the main road – Hastings Street and found a little café towards the end of the road and we both ordered a coffee and Acai berry with muesli breakfast. The breakfast was fantastic and really cheap. For 2 coffees and 2 breakfasts I only paid $27.

After we walked along the beach admiring the absolutely beautiful views, we found a spot to stick the umbrella in and set up our spot. The main beach at Noosa has a really cool boardwalk that spans the length of the beach, so there’s plenty of spots to settle in for a swim or sunbake or whatever it is you go to the beach for.

Have you been to Noosa?


  1. You're making me miss the beach. Melbourne is so miserable for almost Summer.

    Oh well, I'll be up there soon, then I can day trip to Noosa when you visit too! :-D


    1. Sydney hasn't been too quick on the uptake either unfortunately.

      Yes, I will visit and we'll go to Noosa! Brisbane is so nice.

  2. I loved Noosa when I went with girlfriends and made a good trip out of it. We have fond memories of the Noosa Springs spa too as it was by far the most luxurious one we have ever been in for the package price we paid.