Thursday, November 14, 2013

1, 2, 3 # 3

totally unrelated photo to this post
1. I am so happy to say that I finished my last ever Uni assignment the other night. I am stoked! The bad news is, when I put together my excel spreadsheet of subjects, I double counted the two subjects I was doing at the time. They were in my completed list AND my 'current' list. So for a year, I thought I was graduating this November. WRONG. When I found out, I was shattered. But it's ok in the end as I have chosen two really easy subjects and will now finish in February. I am even doing a Japanese subject which is of a lot of interest to me, so that's a win. Other than that, I will be spending the next couple of weeks studying for exams so that's going to be fun (not).

2. Christmas is just around the corner people! I am not going away this year (sob), but you know houses don't buy themselves. I am not a huge Christmas lover..stress over who's house to go to, stress over who cooks what, people's too much. S and I have decided we'll see the fam during the day and then have a nice dinner together somewhere in the city. Speaking of Christmas, I saw the David Jones Christmas window displays today and there was a teddy bear spanking a horses bum. I'm sure it's not meant to be but is what it is.

3. I am almost but not quite finished Breaking Bad season 5. Ok, I can't stand Walter anymore... how about you? I am assuming most of you have watched the series, so don't tell me what happens (although, I might have looked at wikipedia). I am getting a little bored of the slow pace to be honest, so I hope it gets a bit better soon!

I am adding a four..

4. What do I buy for my Nephew's first birthday that he will actually use/need? I am a terrible gift buyer.


  1. Sad that you finish in February instead of November :( I had a friend who thought she was also graduating in November, but then the uni messed up her course and now her entire year don't finish until Feb as well. She's pretty angry (as you can imagine) that the uni would mess up so badly and not take any responsibility for it.
    But still, Feb is only a few short months away from November :)
    I cannot wait until I can say I am graduating soon!

    I tend to agree with you on the Xmas thing. I do love Christmas, I love giving gifts and spending time with family, but I have J's family, and my mum and my dad who all want to see us for Christmas, and someone is always going to be disappointed. J's parents live in Canberra and mum's in Queensland, so we can't even do the drive around ARGH.

    Andddd...I think for a first birthday I would buy practical gifts! Maybe a cute outfit and an educational toy? I think buying gifts for kids is easy!! hahaha!

    1. We are lucky that we can do the drive around, but people will still be disappointed. I enjoy seeing family and all that stuff, I just find it stressful.. Plus seeing extended family too.

      I thought we were good at buying gifts too until we bought a gift for someone's child and found it a month later stuffed in the closet at someone elses house (where they received the present). So I am not sure if they didn't like the gift or what, but it doesn't give us a lot of confidence!

  2. Congrats on almost finishing!! I know how it feels and come February you will feel this weight lifted off you :)


    1. Thank you! I can't wait until I can go home from work or do anything really without Uni being at the back of my mind!

  3. Yay almost done with study! That's great news :) I'm the opposite - this is my first year in ages where I'm travelling overseas. You could still go on a mini road trip over Christmas perhaps?

    I *just* finished watching BB after a good solid 3 weeks of watching from beginning to end, just to see what the fuss was about. I won't say much else! Took me so long because I couldn't for the life of me get past the very first episode when they're out in the dessert. Anyway. Haha!

    1. I think we might do a little getaway in January to the beach. A nice little trade-off. Where are you off to?

      We can discuss it when I am finished, I only have a couple of episodes to go, yay!