Friday, November 15, 2013

From a few weeks ago - Brisbane

A few weeks ago I went up to Brisbane to see my bestie, K. I don't know about you, but I get really emotional at airports. Why? I don't know. I walk through and get the urge to cry almost every time. When I arrived in Brisbane, this was no different. I sat at the 'pickup' area and had tears from families hugging, tears because a dog looked distraught that his owner was leaving and mega tears when a toddler was hysterical because her Mama was going away. I had to put my sunglasses on for fear of people thinking I was a nut job that sat at airports crying. I guess they are not wrong.
To be honest, but I didn't have very high expectations of Brisbane and I was pretty surprised I was wrong. I think I imagined run down, not much happening etc. Well, it is quite the opposite and has many small pockets of areas that each have their own little personality. Case in point, this picture: 
 This is taken from Southbank. Southbank for those of you who don't know runs along the river and is home to many great restaurants and a man-made beach. Yes, you read right. A man-made pool. 1km from the city....Come on Sydney! ( I suppose we have the ivy pool.......)
 Wearing the maroon jeans just like most other times I go out. I really need a new coloured pair of jeans.
A ferris wheel. Permanently...
On the Sunday, we went over to the markets near K's house for crepes and a coffee and a bit of veggie shopping. For small markets, they were really good and had a lot of different things to buy. It seems that most suburbs have little markets on Sundays and it makes me wonder why Sydney only has a few big markets on a Saturday. Afterwards, we drove to more markets to meet up with S's cousins who I hadn't seen in forever. We get along really well, so it was lovely to catch up with them. I got a juice that I thought would cure my thirst but no. This thing had more ginger in it than I need in a whole year. We also went for a drive up to Mount Coot-Tha because when you are in a new place you most certainly need to look at the birds eye view.
Hey look, not wearing maroon jeans and a stripey top!
She's so pretty!
Apart from that, we lazed around at K's house catching up, eating and watching Orange is the new black (my new favourite series). My flight home was only slightly delayed and I did not care one bit because that meant less time at work on Monday!
I am keen to go back to Brisbane ASAP and explore more of the areas I didn't get to see. It is really easy to drive around unlike Sydney and that is always a huge bonus in my books. There are so many different ways to drive in to Brisbane city and that is why I think it is so efficient. Our nav man redirected us like a champ each and every time K missed a turn and you know what, it probably only added 1-2 minutes to the trip each time. I just read this morning that a truck has closed the M5 tunnel in Sydney and I can just imagine what sort of chaos that is causing to all of those people that live South West of the city. Good luck driving to the city today!


  1. I'm glad you liked Brisbane, and I can't wait to meet K when I move up :-D

    1. I will hopefully be up in January, so I can introduce you both!