Sunday, February 12, 2012

A new dress

A few weeks ago, Lincraft had a sale so I snapped up some fabric and a pattern. I don't have many summer dresses, so after looking at quite a few pattern sites, I decided on Vogue 1236, which is part of the DKNY collection.
I read the reviews on and they all said that this dress was easy to make. A few mentioned that the instructions were a little hard to follow and they were right, but I still got through!

I started with a red cotton voile and realised I'd have to line the dress too. I got as far as sewing the front and back of the dress together and have had to put it to one side because I can't figure out how to finish the dress with the lining. 

On Saturday, I started making the dress in cotton which has thick black and white stripes. I worked on it in between going out and doing other things over the weekend and finally finished this afternoon (Sunday). I love how it turned out! I made a little mistake with the pockets and I have no idea how, but I did fix it with some hand stitching. I also had to tack the facing down, because it kept coming up when I put the dress on.

Other than that, I made no alterations at all. I wanted it to be as simple as possible.


  1. Looks great, well done!

    (Yoda, from EB)

  2. it looks great! wish i could do something like that!

  3. I love the way this has turned out, well done!