Friday, March 21, 2014

My week in numbers

Obviously I have been a bit slack on the old blog this week, so here is my week in a quick run down.
2: Number of times I have eaten dinner out this week
2: Number of coffees I have had today
1: Number of besties I am missing today (and seeing on Saturday woohoo)

4: Number of crème eggs I’ve eaten this week
1: Number of runs I have gone on (um, might need to work on that)
1: Number of engagement parties I am planning (yay!)
0: Number of weddings I am planning. Haha, definitely still not keen on planning that. Not even pinterest has helped me!
5: Number of times I have worn my hair up this week :-( I got it cut last week and the hairdresser thinned it out. Now it doesn’t sit nicely at all. Grow hair, grow!
1: Number of packages I received this week. My engagement party dress!

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