Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to get cheaper flights (interstate)

Since my bestie moved to Brisbane, I have been a lot more aware of the prices of interstate flights since I look at airfares regularly. Since I am also saving and will be for some time, I don't just log on to a website and accept any price they are advertising. Apart from buying flights during sales, there are a couple of ways I have discovered where you can pay a cheaper price for flights than is being advertised on a company's website.
1. Expedia. Not the Australian Expedia site, the Japanese one (I haven't tried any other country, only the Japanese as I can figure out the exchange pretty easily without using a converter). The website is in Japanese but this can easily be changed by selecting 'English' in the top right corner.

Search for your flights, put in the time you want to fly and more often than not, the price you are given is cheaper than what is advertised on the Jetstar website. I have booked flights to Brisbane for a couple of weeks time and the Jetstar website advertised the flights for the times I want to go for $260 return. A quick searchon expedia (altering the times as early morning is the default) gave me the price of 17,600 yen which is about $185. On top of that, there is a 1,300 yen fee for paying with your visa card which brings the full price of my return flights to about $200. $60 cheaper than the Jetstar advertises on their website.

2. The other way I recently discovered for buying cheaper flights is taking advantage of Jetstars 'price match' clause. I tried this for my flights to Brisbane, but unfortunately I couldn't use this method as the flights you are matching need to be within 60 minutes of the Jetstar flight times. Tiger had only one flight after 12pm on Thursday and that was for 2:30 pm. A fair few hours before I wanted to fly. This method would work if you were flexible with your times but since I have to work Thursday I could only travel after 5pm. 

These are just a couple of ways that I look at each time I fly. Do you have any tips for cheaper flights?


  1. I had no idea about Jetstar's price match! I spent the weekend in QLD and my ticket back was well over $200! So no cheaper flight tips from me, sorry. Thanks for the info :-)