Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anniversary Weekend

It is beyond me that Steve and I just celebrated our 7 year anniversary. It seems like not long ago that I was a fresh faced 17 year old fobbing him off at every chance because I was too nervous to say yes to a date. Lucky he persisted because he sure is a keeper!

Our anniversary weekend kicked off with dinner at Glebe Point Diner (mentioned in this post). After Steve proposed, he told me he had planned another surprise, which was a weekend away at the Blue Mountains. I was so excited and happy that he had planned the whole weekend without me knowing as I usually know everything that is going on, ha!

We drove up around midday Saturday and stopped off at a cafe in Wentworth Falls for lunch. Obviously I didn't go for the #cleaneating choice but then again, I rarely do. This burger was on a damper bun and so delicious but probably a little too big for me. Lucky I had Steve to help me out. We finished lunch and went off to check in to our accommodation at Falls Mountain Retreat. Steve booked us a loft apartment and it was really spacious. It even had the added bonus of a spa bath. Much needed after an afternoon of hiking!
Wentworth falls has a number of walks to go on and Steve and I chose to walk to the bottom of the falls to get some pictures and video. It was pretty busy and the stairs were seriously treacherous but we made it back in one piece with the added bonus of sore legs. 
I know people hate when pictures are different sizes on blogs but I can't figure out how to change it. Oh well.
After our hike, we headed back to the room for a spa bath and to get ready for dinner that Steve had booked at Lilianfels. I found the food to be ok at Lilianfels, though not great. It could have just been the food I ordered as Steve says his meals were great. I ordered spanner crab for entree and didn't like that at all; mains was beef with veg and dessert (by far the best course) was parfait. The dessert was delicious and fresh and a nice ending to the meal. Unfortunately we got there too late and saw no view of whatever Lilianfels looks over as all I could see was the reflection of other diners.
In the morning as I was packing up, I heard a kookaburra that sounded close. I opened the balcony door and saw the little fella sitting on the balcony so went out to get some pictures. Something tells me he was pretty tame because he didn't flinch even though I was inching closer. I tried to give him some seeds we had as snacks but I guess kookaburras don't eat that as he kept spitting it out.

It was such a great weekend and I'm happy Steve planned it all as a surprise. I've said before that he isn't really the romantic type, but I stand corrected!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS again! S sounds like a great guy. What a keeper! I love the blue mountains.
    That is really special to include a weekend away too. Soak it up!!

    1. Thank you love!! I am still soaking it up 2 weeks later, what a fun time!

  2. Congrats again lovely! Your photos here and on insta look stunning. Have been debating a weekend away in the Blue Mountains but have no idea where to go...

    1. Thank you!

      Wentworth falls is beautiful and there are a lot of walks near there that you can do. Otherwise, I think Blackheath is nice and also Katoomba (where the three sisters are). Really, as long as you pick a bigger 'suburb', there are walks all around to do. It's amazing up there.