Friday, March 28, 2014

More OPI and Teddy

Another sale of OPI on ozsale and I couldn't resist snatching up a few more polishes. For someone who had previously hated painting their nails, I've certainly come around from that. I had a $10 voucher for the delay in the last shipment and what better way to spend money than on nail polish.

The colours I got last time were hit and miss. OPI I don't give a rotterdam, OPI Panda-monium pink and OPI Sparrow me the drama were my faves while the other two - Manicurist of seville and An affair in red fair were a big miss for me.

This time, I went for colours I knew I would wear and I looked on google to see reviews/what it looked like on other people before I picked my colours. I now have on order: OPI My Chihuahua bites, OPI Koala Bear-y and Dulce De Leche. All nice colours that I will probably use often. According to Ozsale they should be shipped today making the process at least 5 weeks shorter compared to the last.

I am getting a lot better at painting my nails yet and while I don't do fancy patterns etc, at least I am colouring inside the lines!

Ted is not a fan of being startled, so of course the other night when someone rounded the corner and took him by surprise he let out a big bark. He growled as the guy walked past and then when he was out of ear shot he let out another bark as if to say 'keep walking'. I love guessing what Ted is thinking. He gets embarrassed when he is caught by surprise and it's hilarious to see him bark when HE is startled because he is not much of a barker at all.

At 5 years old, he is still learning new tricks. His latest is learning the difference between left and right, or rather..which paw to put up when I say left and right and he's learning quickly. In saying that, he would probably do back flips for food.

Happy Friday, friends! Have a great weekend!

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