Monday, December 9, 2013

What did Rhi do on the weekend?

My first proper weekend without uni work to do was bliss. S is still studying, so I kept myself busy sewing and watching Orange is the new Black. Has anyone watched that series? It’s good and the episodes are long, so it provides hours of time wasting fun.

S had set up his study resources on the dining room table on Saturday (where I usually sew) and undeterred by my lack of sewing space, I set up a sweat shop in the lounge room. The desk I used is Steve’s sisters (who’s living with us for a couple of months) and sits unused on the front terrace so I re-purposed it as a sewing desk. It was a great idea if I do say so myself because sewing can be pretty boring if you don’t have a tv to watch at the same time. It also allowed my side-kick Teddy to watch and make sure I wasn’t making any errors.
Saturday’s sewing was a pair of shorts that ended up being too small. I didn’t even make it to the hems or waistband and already they were too tight on my legs and bum. I should really have made a practice version first as the material I used was a beautiful DKNY one. Lucky for me I got two metres so I can try again or try and make the first pair a little bigger.
That's a pin in the front..
Teddy got a hair cut on the weekend too...see here - isn't his little bandana cute.
Sundays sewing adventures led me to making a blouse. I had some black and white printed Lisa Ho material that I couldn’t decide whether I’d make a dress or blouse with so I opted for blouse since I hadn’t made one in over a year. It is still a work in progress, but so far so good. Hopefully I get to finish it this week and then I’ll do a proper post on the pattern and blouse itself.

I'm making view C
Sunday afternoon, Steve decided he wanted to play tennis with L (Imogen’s boyfriend), so Imogen and I decided we’d be tennis WAGS and watch with cider, dips and crackers. Ted came with us and tried his best to catch tennis balls through the fence and barked when he couldn’t.
A very relaxing weekend overall – weekends at home every once in a while are good for the soul.
What did you do on the weekend?

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  1. I love that you sew! Not many people our age sew these days, it's a lost art.


    1. It certainly is a lost art. I love it and being able to wear clothes out that I have sewn myself is so fun!

  2. Those shorts are super cute. Do you know anyone they might fit?
    I've just started sewing lessons - I hope it's not too long before I'm confident enough to try things like shorts and blouses too. Love the Lisa Ho fabric :)

    1. I think they could fit someone shorter than me so I will have to ask around.

      I started with dresses which I find really easy to sew depending on the pattern. Shorts and blouses are not so easy, but it's good to give it a go anyway.