Thursday, December 19, 2013

20 things you didn't know about me

  1. I google the end of movies while I am watching them
  2.   I am hilarious and cuddly and really friendly when I have had a few drinks.
  3.  I have only two pairs of heels. I am not a shoe person
  4. I often speak out loud what I think Teddy is thinking. In his ‘Teddy voice’.
  5.   I am a scrooge. I prefer to save money than spend it and I have successfully ‘trained’ a few people I know.
  6.   As soon as I walk through the door I put on gym gear even when I have no intentions of working out (95% of the time).
  7.   I look for new ways to better myself all the time. I don’t accept things as they are and often do my own research.
  8. My socks never match.
  9.   After S gets up in the morning (usually before me), I roll over to his side of the bed because it has ‘his’ warmth (I don’t even know how to explain that).
  10. My hands and feet swell after I eat carbs and when it is hot.
  11.  When I am nervous or upset, I can’t keep my hands still. S usually notices that before I do.
  12.  Sometimes I see what people spend their money on and wonder why? Until I remember that we all spend our money on the things WE like. Der.
  13.  I LOVE coffee. I am a coffee snob and I don’t care what people think of that.
  14.  I want babies and I don’t care if they come BEFORE marriage. I don’t care what people think of that, either (and no, I am not trying for a baby. I want babies but not just yet).
  15. I work in statistics. That is as exciting as it sounds...
  16.  Following on from the point above, if you knew me 10 years ago you would never have thought I would be now in this career. In fact, even I sometimes wonder how I did an economics degree and made it here.
  17. I long for a nicely decorated home and a thriving garden. But I am too lazy to action it. I always use the excuse that I’ll wait until I buy a house.
  18.  I don’t have a poker face. My expressions tell you exactly what I am thinking. I’ve had a few people call me out on the dirty looks I give when I disapprove. I don't mean to do it and hardly realise I am doing it.
  19.  I am the only person in my whole family (extended included) to attend and finish Uni.
  20.  In person I swear a lot.
Tell me; what don't I know about you?

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  1. Nice blog post! Pretty pic of you too!! I hope you can train me!! I am all spend spend spend!! But I can be a tight arse too and I only buy it if I love it and have researched it. I LOVE TO SWEAR! Love it haahahah. I totally get the warmth bed thing.
    I am not a clean and tidy person but I am realllllly trying to change. I want to be a neat freak even though I am a dirty sloth LOL
    Laura - Elsee Blog

    1. Haha, spending is good if the item is worth it. Being a scrooge isn't always the best. I also don't mean scrooge as in I avoid going out etc. I still have fun and see people and eat out, I am just very picky with what I buy and know how to save a dollar on things.

      Swearing adds to a conversation! I am glad I am not the only one.

  2. I tried to publish the comment from Name URL but I kept getting error msgs. Laura

    1. I think because I took the post down for a moment.

  3. I adore your hair in that photo. I was surprised to read you swear! I thought of you to be a well-mannered lady :-p

    I'm an open scrooge - my fiancé and I aren't even giving each other presents this year! Something people don't know about me is my constant need for perfection and the amount of stress I place on myself. And that my OCD is out of hand: if I don't clean and disinfect the apartment daily I honestly believe something bad will happen. And what if we're broken in to? I can't have the robbers thinking I'm unclean and lazy (point of OCD getting out of hand proven right there).

    1. Thanks! It was a good hair day lol.

      No, definitely not a well-mannered lady. I did grow up with 5 brothers after all! In saying that, I am when I first meet people but it doesn't take too long to show my true side :-) I am not crass though, just like to slip in a swear word here and there.

      We aren't doing gifts either, though we are having dinner and drinks on Christmas night. I will happily splurge on a nice dinner etc, but otherwise I am a scrooge.

      Ah, that sounds stressful. I clean the house once a week and tidy most days (put things away..). If someone is coming over I make sure it's clean though.

  4. Hahahahhaha I do #9 too! I can't explain why either.

    And I'm also a coffee snob. Most people don't understand. But a good coffee can make my day.


    1. Yes, the difference between a good coffee and a bad coffee is huge for me. I also don't use sugar either as it alters the taste.

    2. SAME!!!! Why waste good coffee with sugar?@!? Ahhh I love you

  5. Oh I totalllly get number 9. I do it too. I love spreading out to J's side and taking all his warmth.
    Actually....I identify with quite a few of these points hahaha. We would be great friends!

    1. I think we should go out for a drink some time :-)

  6. I talk Frankie's thoughts in my best 'Frankie' voice too! lol. Good to know i'm not the only one.

    Merry Christmas my dear!

    1. Seems there are a few people that have voices for their pets!

      Merry Christmas to you, too.

  7. I LOVE this rhi :) so many things i did not know !! I just did the same tag on my blog ! Except i am only interesting enough to think of 10 things lol xx

  8. I swear a lot in person too! Great list! Gave me an idea;)


  9. I was nodding along to so many of these! ;-)