Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1, 2, 3 # 5

1.       Not sure about you, but in order to get back on the exercise band wagon I usually need to buy myself some new running gear. Last week was skins! And guess what, I went for one run last week. Not exactly getting back on the bandwagon, but in my defence the 4km run I thought I was doing ended up being 7.2km. I hadn’t run for about 3 months and that 7.2km run has left me sore for a week. Nevertheless, I WILL get back in to it and this time, I won’t run quite so far and try and ease myself back in to it.
Mine are pink
2.      I also bought the Napoleon Ultimate Contour Palette last week in a bid to look a little more put together and less I-just-got-out-of-bed. The first couple of times I used it I saw no difference. After looking at youtube and pinterest, I have found how best to contour my face and I think I am getting better because I got compliments on my makeup yesterday. That’s a success in my books. Still not makeup-artist looking, so I’ll keep my day job.
3.      I am no music person and in fact I prefer to NOT listen to music. I can’t listen at work because I need to concerntrate, I can’t listen on the bus because I like to hear what’s going on around me, I can’t listen when I walk because I like to be on-guard, It has to be below 10 in the car etc etc. In saying that, I do like feel-good music. London Grammar definitely does not fit in to this category and makes me feel flat every time, but I keep going back to it and it has been on repeat this week. I recently discovered Haim who are feel good and pretty funky too. What music do you like to listen to? I get over artists pretty quickly, so I like to have a good stream of new artists coming through… and please don’t tell me Jay-Z or Rihanna because I just can’t get in to that music.


  1. 7.2km run is pretty impressive!! I've been trying to run lately too but after about 3 minutes I feel like I'm going to die so am currently just sticking to power walking lol.

    1. I was certainly feeling it after the first 5 minutes, but I was running with someone so just kept up.

      Power walking is good, you will build up to running!

  2. That's so interesting that you prefer to not listen to music! I go crazy if I don't have my ipod on public transport!
    Yay for getting compliments on make up - definitely means you're doing well!
    Aaaaand I usually find that exercising even when my muscles are sore aids recovery. And sleeping in skins. Seriously... those things are like magic. Back in my refereeing days I used to run literally all weekend, from 9am to about 6pm. Would sleep in my skins and be fine the next day. And you've just reminded me I need to start going running again. I'm also motivated by new exercise gear, and after I bought my new Nikes, I was good for about a week. I should just stop talking about it and just do it!


    1. I will definitely try sleeping in the skins. It would be a bit hot in Summer, but if it helps my sore legs then who cares!

      I am the same - less talking about it, just do it.