Wednesday, October 16, 2013

To Harvey, K and C

One of my beautiful best friends got a beautiful little Labrador puppy a few months ago after she moved to Brisbane. Harvey; as they named him, was a beautiful little boy. He stole K and her boyfriend C’s heart right from the minute they met him.

In fact, the day I received the picture of the little pup I knew he was the right one for them. Harvey knew, too. A new addition to their lives that they would love endlessly and adore.
Harvey passed puppy pre-school with flying colours and I was told many times how happy K and C were with Harvey. He would follow them around, chew like puppies do and even skyped me with K on one occasion.
The day they picked him up
Two weeks ago, Harvey was in a tragic accident where he fell off a ute (collar snapped) and his lung collapsed. The day I received the text message from K, my heart and stomach sank. How does that happen to such a small puppy who had so much life ahead of him. K told me the vet had said that Harvey was looking up. His health was getting better and he would be home on Friday. Unfortunately, the next day Harvey’s health deteriorated. He got worse and K and C were asked to come in to say goodbye. K messaged me again and again my heart and stomach sank. How does this happen to such a beautiful puppy?
It was no-one’s fault that Harvey was hurt. No-one could foresee such a tragic accident happening to such loving, caring people. K and C, I love you both dearly and hope you aren’t blaming yourselves. Harvey knew he was and is still very loved and you both did the absolute best for that little boy.

Rest in peace, little Harvey. You can play with Sheba now.


  1. Oh dear, Rhi. I was smiling as I read the front part - what a sweet story. My heart sank too when I came to the last parts. I really don't know what to say except I feel so sad for your lovely friends. They seem to be such a nice lovely people who just loved their pup. I'm so sorry about what happened :( It's definitely unforeseeable accident; I hope your friends don't blame themselves too x

  2. Such a sad story. I would never tie a puppy to the back of a ute? Of course no one could foresee the collar snapping, but having dogs in the back of a ute isn't safe.