Monday, October 14, 2013

What did Rhi do on the weekend?

Probably none of you actually asked that question, but I am taking it upon myself to answer it anyway. If you clicked on this blog then you must care at least a little bit so here I am to tell you!
 I took no photos on the weekend, but I did drink here's a picture of some cider.
I went in to the weekend at 5:30pm after I walked out of work with absolutely no plans. By 6pm, I had plans to grab a drink with Steve in Newtown, plans to visit his Nan (in her new place) and plans to catch up with a friend, M while Steve and T (M’s boyfriend) played tennis in the afternoon. That is pretty much how it turned out, except the Friday night drink turned in to three drinks and dinner. Then Saturday turned in to drinks at the park with the boys after they finished tennis, drinks with M at the Courthouse (Newtown), dinner with M and her baby H while the boys went for a drink and finally, me going to meet the boys as M was tired and I didn't want to keep her up.
Unintentionally busy and tiring, but I made up for that by spending most of Sunday out of the heat inside watching Breaking Bad. I am only up to Season three and I am hooked. I might have read Wikipedia to see what happens in the next few episodes, but I will most likely forget what it said in a day or two anyway.
Back to Friday night. Steve and I went to Bank Hotel in Newtown and decided to take advantage of two for one share plates. They were not great though and I’m not sure I’d go for the share plates again. Too deep fried for my liking. We grabbed a seat by the front window and had a great time people watching. There are some really strange characters in Newtown, but it’s definitely something I love about the place. People are just themselves.
When I went from M’s place to meet the boys in Newtown on Saturday night, I used an UBER taxi. Have you used that service? I really love it. I gave someone my code recently and got a $10 credit from it, so I only paid $2.80 for a taxi ride. The trip was short, but for my own safety I preferred to take a cab than walk. We’ve used UBER before and took a ‘black car’ which is a nice change to a normal cab. I love that you get the drivers picture and number ahead of your ride. It makes me catching a cab late at night a lot safer when I can send Steve the details of the driver. If you haven’t heard of it, I definitely recommend you check it out. It’s easy to sign up to and a cashless system (you link your bank or credit card), so there is no exchange of money at the end.
That is my weekend, how was yours?

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  1. How classy, catching a UBER cab! I drank cider (pomegranate berry) too this weekend, but it was at home and I had poured it into a champagne flute. Other than that I had a pretty quiet weekend actually. Nothing as sociable as yours. *wink*

    1. It's not too much more expensive than a normal cab, so I love it!

      Yum! Where did you find that flavour?

      It was a fun weekend, but left me tired. Looking forward to a weekend at home this weekend!!