Friday, July 19, 2013

Recent purchases

I am popping my ‘recent purchases post’ virginity. I am pretty sure I’ve never done one of these posts before, as I am not a huge shopper.
Anyways, enough with the rambling. I feel like that’s all I do around here.
I recently purchased:
A Parlux 3800. I was so excited to buy this. I have only used it once since I got it and so far, it isn't blowing my mind. My hair still goes frizzy as soon as I walk outside. BUT, I'd say that's the user of the tools and not the tools themselves. I am pretty unco at doing hair, so might need practice. I will do a review on my old Remington vs the Parlux.

Workout gear.
Every time I get new workout gear, I tend to get more in to exercise. I am unable to run at the moment on the physio’s orders, but I can still walk and I try to walk at least 45 minutes after work. These clothes are really comfortable and seem to be made well, too.

Lee Jeans
There was a buy one pair get one free offer in Lee Jeans. S got a pair, so I got a pair too in maroon. We both ended up with the same colour too, so we will have to make sure we aren’t matching when we leave the house. Very comfortable.
In an effort to buy more of a wardrobe that is versatile and a little different to what I usually wear, I went looking at TopShop. I am a non-committal buyer. I walk around with all these clothes I like, then decide I don't want them and usually walk out empty handed. I found two things I love in topshop and decided to just get them.
 Cigarette trousers || Pussybow Blouse (mine is Royal Blue)

Have you made many purchases lately?


  1. I'm non committal too! Arghh good and bad. Good save money. Bad have no clothes to wear.
    On the parlux do you have the nozzle that looks like a duck mouth?? U need that, I feel.

    1. Definitely a good money saver, but come the weekend I am up in arms because 'I have NO clothes to wear' haha.

      Yeah, I think I do? It came with two nozzles, a big one and a little one. I also got the diffuser to test on my mane of wavy curls.

  2. I just bought the Parlux too. I love it. Yes you have to have the nozzle and make sure your hair is totally dry. I find it so much faster than my old one xx

    1. I have two nozzles that came with it, but not sure which is best? I have a big and little one (haha, great descriptions!). I've tried the big one and only just discovered that along with 2 heat settings, it also has speed settings too. Looking forward to playing with it a little more.

  3. I like your Topshop purchases. Great classics and staples for the wardrobe. I've been buying lots of baby stuff lately...

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  4. You must be due very soon!

    Thanks, I'll check it out!