Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A couple of bars

Friday night, I got home and decided our previous plans of staying in and watching a film seemed too boring so when S got home, we hightailed it to Hinky Dinks in Darlinghurst (229 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst)
That place is so cute. It is set up like an old fashioned 50’s diner complete with little servings of popcorn as you sit down. We ordered some polenta fries, pulled pork hushpuppies and taco’s for dinner and a few different cocktails each. The vibe is awesome, although it didn’t seem to get too packed. The price of the cocktails is pretty average at around $16-$19 each.
Afterwards, we walked further up Darlinghurst road to Eau De Vie. At first, we couldn’t find the bar and upon asking the lady at the reception desk of a boutique hotel, we discovered you had to go through the first bar, through the toilets and through the second door to get in there. Did I confuse you? Yeah, I was confused too.
It was a great bar. Good music, lots of people, great drinks. The only downside was the price of the drinks at over $20 each. We were celebrating my recent job promotion (I think? We have just called every night out a celebration lately) though, so weren’t too fussed how much it cost. The night was going really well until a guy sitting across from us struck up a conversation. He told us we should try a dirty martini, so we did and when the bill came he insisted he paid for it. Then he started grilling us on our political stance and I don’t talk politics, so I left that to S. When I say grilling, I mean ripping S apart and questioning everything he said. It was quite bizarre. We then found out he was some cashed up millionaire that apparently gave a lot of money to the Liberal party….and was telling us to vote labor. Um, ok.
The rest of our weekend was pretty busy with playing tennis, shopping and exercising, but nothing too strenuous. 

How was your weekend?


  1. haha awesome! Who cares who he was, he paid for your night out!

    Man I love Sydney. I used to go there all the time when I lived in Canberra. Now I only fever go for work for a day trip here and there. Must get back there.

    1. Haha, very true!

      It's a great place. We are always discovering new funky bars to go to!