Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend shenanigans

I don’t have too much to report by way of weekend happenings as S and I were supposed to spend the whole weekend catching up on Uni/CA work. Instead, Saturday was spent being lazy and traipsing through Broadway to find dumbbells. We didn’t find dumbbells but we did find this cute beanie that S tried to get me to buy for our next ski trip. Too bad my head isn’t size 1-2 otherwise that beanie would have been mine.

We also decided we wanted some new sheets and bedcovers so walked around Broadway looking. Our efforts were futile so we did the groceries and called it a day.

Sunday was another lazy day spent around the house. In the evening however, we dressed up to go and see Arvo Pärt at the Opera House. I was very surprised to see that most people were in their Sunday casual – dressed in t-shirts etc. If there is one place a person should dress up, I think it should be the Opera. After all, there are not many places one can get dolled up for these days.

The show was absolutely amazing and I was drawn in the whole time. Since I had never been to a Symphony before, I was not too sure what to expect and whether I would like it or not. The musicians are all so talented and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Of course, a trip in to the city is not complete without an obligatory city picture.
 Blurry iPhone photo...tsk tsk

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to see a show at the Opera House?
Would you dress up?

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