Thursday, April 4, 2013

April and the Weather

And with a bit of rain, the weather changes from hot to cold and April is upon us. I am pretty sure I’ve been clear in my love for Winter. I love the cold, I love rugging up, I love jumpers and socks and coats. I don’t love the rain though, but that won’t last too long, hopefully.

4 months in to the year and I feel like it was just yesterday that I got back from Japan. Rather than 11 months until I finish Uni, it is now only 7. It is only 2 months until I lose Steve to long hours of work for a few months. Only 1 month until my Birthday, 5 months until Teddy turns 5!! and only 9 months until Christmas (our first Christmas at home in 2 years).

And with those rambles, I bring to you my list of why I love Winter

-      my Winter wardrobe is better than my Summer wardrobe
-      boots!
-      my Birthday
-      cuddling Teddy because he is cold (he doesn’t like to cuddle in Summer)
-      exercising doesn’t feel like I will die from the heat
-      catching the bus isn’t like catching a sweat box
-      jumpers, track pants and socks
-      snow! Although, we don’t get that in Sydney
-      gluhwein (mulled wine)
- not being hot! not going outside and sweating!

Do you like Winter? What is your favourite season

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