Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What else do you do...

When it is 30 degrees outside? I think it is well known that I don't cope in the heat (and if it wasn't before, it is now). When I woke up on Sunday morning, I went downstairs and let Teddy out to go to the loo and discovered how hot it already was at 8:30am.

S and I decided it was about time we headed for a beach day, so we caught the bus then ferry to Manly to meet with his brother, J. J lives close to Manly Beach, but we decided on Manly Cove since there are no waves and we could use the pool floats to relax and well...float around. 
For $10 pool floats (from the $2 shop), they certainly did the trick. We fell off a couple of times, but I think that has more to do with being uncoordinated than anything else... (for me anyway!).

Whilst floating around and watching the locals run by doing exercise, or walk by on their way to drinks/dinner/lunch, I made the decision that the beach is where I want to live. I tried to talk S in to my plans, though he wasn't as enthused as me. Something to do with hating sand..
I am still hopeful that one day living close to the beach is a reality because I love the beach. I find water so calming and being able to just walk on the beach when I felt like it would be amazing. 

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  1. The water is a great place to go when it's hot! I wish I was dealing with the weather being too hot at the moment! :P My family used to live really close to the beach, and we loved walking around and building sand castles and just hanging out there! We never swam much because I don't actually like swimming in ocean water, but it was just fun to be there.