Sunday, December 16, 2012

I made another dress!

Finally, after a 6 month sewing hiatus I got back in to it and finished a dress ready for my work Christmas party. Even though I stayed up until 11pm the night before, I am so happy I was able to finish it and somewhat tie it in to the Nautical theme of the party.

The dress pattern is Simplicity 2444 which I have reviewed before here. I chose this pattern again as I had it on hand and I love the way the dress comes in at the waist and has a nice full skirt. I love that style on me and find that it is very flattering. A lot of dresses out at the moment are those big flowy ones that don't give much shape and they don't suit me at all.
The dress has front darts to bring in the bodice and the skirt has pleats at the front and back. That is about as technical as I get when describing patterns/DIY clothes as I have no idea about the terminology. 

If you are looking for a dress to sew, I definitely recommend this pattern. The instructions are very clear and if you actually read them (I got the first three steps wrong because I thought I knew what I was doing, HA!) you should be able to put the dress together easily. The hardest part is the zipper, but that is nothing to do with the actual pattern. Zippers are hard to put in generally (Unless you are an awesome sewer, in which case I wouldn't bother taking any advice from me!).

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