Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Money Balloons - DIY

Buying a Birthday gift for anyone is hard for me at the best of times. I umm and uhh over the many choices, not really knowing if the recipient will enjoy the present or file it away for a later day. I, myself like practical presents. Ones I will use and not just stick aside wondering when I can use it (of course, I am incredibly grateful for any present!).

Steve's sister D is super hard to buy for. She has a particular taste in everything and she already has a lot of stuff. Apart from the usual alcohol that is given at a 21st Birthday, we were out of ideas...that is until I remembered a blog post I had once read which had a gift of money balloons on it.

After shopping around and contacting a few party shops, I found that the idea may not be so feasible. One shop would only put one note per balloon and no confetti and another was going to charge me $25 per balloon. Um, no thankyou!

I turned to my old friend google to find other options and I came across a shop that sells helium balloon kits for only $45 which is what I ended up buying and using.

I ended up having to buy better quality balloons as the ones included were thin and flimsy. They were also coloured which meant you couldn't see what was inside the balloon - only the shadow. The new ones I bought were clear and a lot better quality, so if you plan on making money balloons, I definitely recommend good quality transparent balloons.

How to make the balloons:
Well, this could vary. I will give the instructions I used myself, obviously with my own helium kit. You will also need two people.

1. Chop up your confetti so it is tiny. I used streamers in blue and red and cut it up in to super small pieces.
2. Roll up 2 notes (inside each other) and whilst one person opens the spout (is that the right word?) of the balloon, the other puts the notes in and also some confetti. This may take a practice balloon before you figure out how much is best for you.
3. Put the balloon over the helium spout and blow up your balloon!

It's really that easy. The balloons are such a fun gift and everyone was really impressed.

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  1. Brilliant idea!

    I love things that can make cash a little more 'gifty' than just popping it inside the card.