Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Friday evening

..and I am a little late with Friday's letters. Better late than never, I say!

Dear Friday evening, 
Almost one cocktail down and it looks like I'm in for a good night. A drink and a Louis Theroux documentary - I'm set!

Dear Weekend, 
Two days of pure nothing planned. I am so happy to have NO plans...well except study for my exams.

Dear exams,
Two weeks away huh? Be kind..

Dear Work,
Thanks for the new computers. Can we please still have two monitors.. my life depends on it. Kind of... Not really.

Dear Nephew, 
 I can't wait to meet you in November. Your parents are wonderful and I am so pleased they are welcoming you in to this big wide world. Grow strong, little one. I have a few gifts for you already too!

Dear Bobbi,
My new blog layout is coming along SO nicely. I'm so glad we are working together to create an amazing blog for me! 

Dear Japan,
You, Me - again. Let's do this.

Happy weekend to you, friends.
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  1. I like the snow in the background, I wish we have snow here, unfortunately we only have 2 seasons, summer and rainy season.

    Just dropping by from "Just Because Fridays".