Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Tuesday

Tuesday is a hard day to get through. The weekend is truly over and there are still four more days until the next weekend rolls around. Monday is easy.. straight after the weekend and usually I am eager to get stuck in to the pile of work I have. Wednesdays are easy too...It's hump day and the rest of the week flies.

But Tuesdays? They're hard.

So today, I will share with you all the things that currently make me happy. The little things I look forward to, to get me through the week and the little things that make me grateful.

I am looking forward to:
- A relaxing weekend. One of those weekends where the biggest decision I have to make is which film to put on next.
- Going for dinner with Steve tonight. At one of the best Japanese places in Sydney.
- Seeing my sweet pup at the end of the working day.
-Seeing my new blog layout in action.

I am thankful for:
- Steve. Words cannot describe what he means to me. He has a great soul and he works hard for our future.
Even when he tries to be taller :-P
- A little Pup that loves me endlessly. He is so excited to see me at the end of every day and that little wiggling bottom is just so cute.
At his happy place, the farm.
- My lovely Family that I think of every day.
- My little Nephew who is still in Utero. I can't wait to meet you, little button. Your parents will be amazing, I can see how happy they are already.

Life is full of wonderful things that we often miss. So today, tell me one thing big or small that you are thankful for or looking forward to.


  1. Such a cute post and a great way to get you through a Tuesday!

  2. I can see why you can deal with Tuesdays when you have so much going on/to look forward to!

    Such a cute picture of the two of you too :-)

  3. I love this! Knowing that I get to come home to my hubs and pup every day makes the days a whole lot easier:)

  4. It's good to remind yourself of all you have to be thankful for. I was a bit frustrated this morning trying to find room in our fridge for groceries...so I'm thankful for a refrigerator and freezer full of food! It's a blessing!