Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting to know each other...better

I came across the Myer Briggs Personality test the other day and decided to fill in the questionaire to see which of the 16 personality types I fit in to. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first...There are how many people in the world and some person came up with a test so that we all fit in to 1 of 16 categories. Whatever.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. After finishing the 78 or so questions (yes/no answers), I was given my personality type which I promptly punched in to google. The personality type is absolutely me. It describes me better than I can and after reading all of the information I could, I just had to show Steve. He agreed, that the personality test gave me an incredibly accurate result.

Earlier in the evening, we had been walking the dog and talking about the sort of parents we wanted to be in the future. We talked about our roles as parents and how we wanted to parent as well as the type of presence we would have in the children's lives. We don't have plans to start a family yet, but I like to talk about these things. Planning the future if you will. With enough searching on google, we were able to find what sort of parents our personality type picked us to be and it was almost exactly described as what we were telling each other earlier.
When we got home, Steve decided he wanted to the test as well. The personality type he was given was also incredibly accurate. We read about his personality and delved deeper in to understanding each other. The test is great because it can tell you things about yourself that you didn't know and I found myself more than once saying 'so that's why I do that'.
Even though we've been together 5 years and know each other very well, I loved reading more about Steve and his personality and he has said that reading about mine has helped him understand me more. As fas as personality types go, ours are very different. I guess that is why we work together so well.
I am an ISFJ, what are you?


  1. I'm an ENFJ :-) fits me reasonably well.

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  3. personality tests always help us a lot!

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