Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kitchen by Mike - Rosebery

Most weekends, S and I choose a different cafe to try out. This past weekend, we chose Kitchen by Mike after I read a review about it.

Upon arriving, I noticed there was a lot of seating which was mostly full. There was also a huge line up of people waiting to be served. Whilst I stood in line, S snagged a table and waited for me. I was in line for about half an hour because out of all the staff there, only one person was taking orders. I was starving and just wanted to order but the guy taking orders just wanted to chat to everyone.

S ordered the pancakes with lemon curd and I ordered yogurt with stewed fruit. Both meals were delicious though, mine was small and S's only had a small dollop of lemon curd; not enough for the 3 large pancakes in the stack.

I thought my breakfast was quite small. I had to eat some of S's pancakes so I didn't leave hungry. I gave S some fruit and yogurt so that he wasn't just eating dry pancakes. 

We love our coffee, especially on Saturday morning. Luckily, the coffee was fantastic.

The cafe itself is located in a warehouse which also houses Koskela which is a homeware shop of sorts.  It offers kooky and unique furniture items and good for the home. I enjoyed looking around, but it wasn't heated in that part and I was freezing cold, so we left to go home.

I'm not sure I will go back to Kitchen by Mike. I wasn't really happy with the service and the fact that after sharing S's food, I was still hungry. 

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