Thursday, June 28, 2012

Girl behind the blog - Vlog

Happy almost weekend!

side note - It was Thursday night at 10:00pm when I posted this and I wrote happy hump day...where is my brain?

I am linking with Ashley from 5ohwifey and Nicole from Our Crazy Beautiful for the fourth (I said third in my vlog, oops!) instalment of the Girl Behind the Blog series. 

This is my first vlog and I have learnt a lot already..Such as - I lose my train of thought easily, dogs can be distracting when you are in the middle of something and it takes more than one go before I get it right!

Please forgive how awkward/nervous I am. Even though I am not talking to you all in person, I still get super nervous and go red (which you might be able to see on my neck).

So, here goes..

(Haha, is my mouth really that crooked??)



  1. Gorl this vlog isn't akward at all! Love your accent! I can't believe there are that many accidents on your street! That's so scary! Glad you linked up :-)

  2. I'm so happy you linked up! It's great hearing your voice and seeing your face. You did a great job :) I'm totally with you on the "anything sugary" guilty pleasure. That is my weak spot too :)

  3. Nice work :-) wasn't awkward at all. I love putting voices and facial expressions to bloggers :-)

  4. Nice job! Its cool putting a face to the blog!