Monday, June 18, 2012

A farm weekend

S's family have a farm out near the Southern Highlands. It's our happy, relaxing place - to get away from the daily grind that is city living and listen to nature, instead of cars.

Ted loves it as well, he loves to run around or rather frolicks like a little lamb. Give that boy a wide open space and it's like Christmas...

Saturday evening after dinner, we relaxed by the fire with whiskeys in hand. There is something about a fire and drink that just makes everyone sleepy, which meant we were all in bed by 10:30pm..on a Saturday evening. Lame, I know! 

S's sister, D.

As usual, Teddy was the first one up and tapping us on the head with his paw (sometimes he even sticks it up our nose, cheeky dog). If dogs could talk, I imagine he would be saying 'Wake up, there are horses to play with and things to sniff' because as soon as we open the door and he is outside, he runs off like a maniac and finds the closest horse that will let him smell it. He has befriended one horse in particular who is calm and lets Ted have a sniff, whilst smelling Ted at the same time.

Teddy has a major jealous trait. If something else has something, he has to as well. S fed the horse some grass and Ted just had to have some too. 

Our farm stay was just in time. We needed to relax for S's impending new job, which he starts today. Another reason for visiting the farm, as S's parents took us to dinner to congratulate him on his new job.

How was your weekend? Relaxing or busy? 


  1. Teddy and the horse are adorable!

  2. It looks so lovely there!

    How adorable is Teddy with the horse! Our dog loves her farm time too, but she is more likely to chase livestock than befriend it hehe! x

  3. A relaxing place with horses?! Sounds like heaven. Teddy is so cute!

    Hey do you mind me asking how you got the last picture to be so big but it still is within your blog's frame? Pretty pleeeaase!