Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Queen

The long weekend for me, was spent in Canberra. I will write this post in dot points, because if you are anything like me, you get distracted easily.

- Saturday we woke early and were in the car heading to Canberra by 9:00am. We stopped by Grandma's Bakery at Fedra Olive Grove. If you ever head to Canberra, this stop is a must. The food is incredible and the service friendly.

- Upon arriving in Canberra (we stayed with S's sister and Brother in Law), we headed out for coffee. Canberra is unfortunate in their cafe choices. Many are quite good, but close early or aren't open Sundays.  Saturday we went to The Realm which is a self rated, 5 star hotel. S and I have stayed there and I wouldn't give it 5 stars. The rooms are nice, but basic and they don't compare to other 5 star hotels I've stayed at.

- Saturday evening, S's sister and I went to see 'What to expect when you're expecting'. I think I may have found this a bit funnier if I had kids. I did enjoy it though, but found it hard to relate.

- Sunday, we ventured to Questacon for S's nephews 2nd Birthday (time flies!). Little H loved it. He may only be 2, but Questacon is really great for kids. If you haven't been there in the last 10 years, don't worry - you're not missing out. It hasn't changed!

- We headed back to Realm for lunch where I had a chicken burger and S had the ribs. The food is great and the seating area is comfortable with a choice of lounges or tables.

- Monday was spent relaxing in the morning and driving home in the afternoon. The weather was clear in Canberra and the closer we got to Sydney, the more it rained! The snowfields opened on the weekend which created a bit of traffic on the highway, though nothing too bad.

Our weekend was relaxing, yet exhausting. H is a beautiful little boy and oh so energetic. That little boy can outrun me any day!

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