Thursday, August 7, 2014

The truth: 2 questions, 3 statements and a clanger to define my week!

Our friend, Twiz found my blog not long ago and has been asking ever since to do a guest post. The time came, he wrote up a post and here it is.
I have been stalking Rhi's blog for a over 2 months now and when the opportunity arose to collaborate on a guest Blog - I took the pants off, cleared the mind and nestled myself into her couch to hit the keys.

Whilst I haven't had too much exposure to the blog world, I assumed it would be fairly easy to relay an exciting story which would appeal to the blogging punter, how I was wrong.

So in the interest of keeping things simple, here is The Truth: 2 questions, 3 statements and a clanger to define my week:

* Imitate, then re-create
* Drink Beer, quit drinking, drink quicker, beer drinker.
* Old fashion is out of date. Think new, or die dated. Respect your younger's?
* Is success, purposely not answering the phone and feeling good about it?
* Stop trying to be you, be George Clooney or Lara Bingle for a while.

Clanger: Which end do you peel the Banana from? Don't lie to yourself!

Please tell me, what is your truth?



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