Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bar review: Pappa Geddes, Sydney

Like any good weekend starts, S and I started ours with drinks after work. My boss took a call then stood up and declared his wife insisted he meet her at the pub, so I rang my Husband and insisted he meet me at a bar for a drink. Our usual choice of bar would be Baxters or Hotel CBD, but this time we chose Pappa Geddes. This bar hides down a beautiful old cobblestone lane way, a small snapshot in to what life looked like many years ago. 
It was a good choice because upon walking in we discovered it was empty. Literally one other table inside at 5pm on a Friday. Taking this as a good sign, we went about ordering our drinks once the prompt and friendly staff came over to where we were seated to take our order. A bar that takes your order from your chair is a huge winner in my books since I am pretty lazy. They also came back after we finished our first drink to take our second order even though by then they were quite busy.

There were some great choices of drinks on the menu and my first choice was the Scozzese. I thought it was pronounced 'Scusi' but no, Sco-sey-ze. It was a really refreshing cocktail and a perfect start to the weekend. I love citrus over sweet so this was an easy choice for me. 

'It's what the Italians call the Scots and what we call damn tasty. Bold & bitter with Scotch, Campari, Dubonnet, lime & honey - $17'.

S chose the Kung-Fu treachery 'The darkest form of treachery known to man! Deconstructed and rebuilt with Japanese whiskey, American whiskey, ginger, honey & lemon' - $18.

Divine intervention 'If something tells you to drink this, you should. One of our favourites with absinthe, apple & passionfruit shrub' - $18.

Divine Intervention on the left; a made up whiskey cocktail on the right
I can't fault the drinks or the service in this bar. It took us a little bit to find the actual bar because it's hidden down a little lane way on Kent street, but if you know how to find Baxter's then bars down lane ways should be nothing new. It's still quite a new bar, so I would recommend getting in now while it doesn't get overly busy like a lot of other small bars that have popped up.

Pappa Geddes bar is down the lane way at the rear of 348 Kent Street and is open Monday - Saturdays 5pm - 12am.
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