Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

It’s never fun when your Husband has to work all weekend so the best way around it is to make your own fun! I started to cut out a pattern on Saturday with plans to make a sun dress by the end of the weekend, but plans changed when I ended up spending Sunday brunching and working on a website for S. We drove over to Alexandria to meet someone for coffee, only to get there and be told they were about to leave (people these days), so we headed to a little café on Mitchell road called La Cachette. It’s French inspired and while I was only going to get coffee, as soon as I saw all the pastries in the window I knew I wasn’t just having coffee.
I ended up going for the blueberry, ricotta pancakes with maple syrup and coulis and they did not disappoint. I’d been on the search for some good pancakes for a while and finally the craving was satisfied. The coffee was also good and we left full and satisfied.

Sunday night we met up with S’s sis and her boyfriend for dinner which turned in to dinner, drinks and cocktails. I generally don’t drink on school (work!) nights, but we had so much fun and really..why not! Kuletos in Newtown honestly never disappoints and the bartender was more than happy to concoct a little creation so I could have my favourite cocktail on fire.
I can’t believe the rain we had yesterday! Sheets and sheets of pouring rain all day long. I don’t know about you, but my hair is naturally curly so I can straighten it but it’s only going to curl and go boofy as soon as I step out the door. You’d think by this age I’d have a few up-do’s tucked up my sleeve, but I am the most unco-ordinated person when it comes to hair, so it’s either out and straight or well, out and straight. I can never get my curls right (they look great while they’re drying and then turn in to a big frizzy, boofy mess – even with product), buns always look terrible, ponytails look worse. Is it just me or is my hair impossible? I guess we’ll never know. All I know is that I’ll never have nice hair!

Anyway, happy Tuesday. Today is my hump day as I am off to New Zealand on Thursday! 

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  1. I was so proud of ypu when I saw your drink pics on instagram on Sunday night lol. I love a surprisingly good weekend!

    Can't wait to hear about your NZ adventure.