Monday, May 12, 2014

Birthday wrap up

Life has been really busy these past couple of months and it all came to a head last week. I made it through, but there was no time for blogging so this little thing took a back seat.

My Birthday weekend (2 weekends ago) started with breakfast at the Hilton buffet breakfast. Like any hotel buffet breakfast, this was a winner and after 2 courses, coffee and juice I was sufficiently stuffed and ready for the day ahead at work. At about 2pm I got a call from reception to let me know I had flowers waiting for me. I raced up as I had no idea who they could be from and found my bestie who lives in Brisbane had gotten flowers sent to me. She is such a beautiful person!

No birthday is complete without a bottle of your favourite alcohol and S did not disappoint with this bottle of Hendricks gin that he had gotten for me.
My Birthday was on a Sunday this year, so we chose to go out for dinner on Saturday night so we could have a few drinks. We went to Spencer Guthrie in Newtown for dinner and drinks, followed by Earls Duke Joint for a couple of drinks afterwards.

The food at Spencer Guthrie was great, but the service not so much. The waiter was slow to take orders, they ran out of gin and then towards the end the drinks we ordered didn’t even make it to the table. Whilst the food was good, the service really let down our experience there and I don’t think I’ll be in a rush to go back.
I was gifted with some beautiful Jo Malone perfume in a grapefruit scent by S. It has a really delicious smell and definitely smells just like grapefruit as I have asked a couple of people if they can pick the scent and they have said grapefruit straight away.
On Sunday – my actual Birthday, I got cake for breakfast from Black Star Pastry. Delicious watermelon and strawberry cake that I love. That evening we went for a low key dinner with our friends T&M and baby H which was lovely.

It was a great Birthday and I was thoroughly spoiled!