Friday, April 11, 2014

The weekend that was - A late weekend recap

I went on up Brissy to see my bestie K on the weekend. We spent Friday looking and trying on wedding dresses which was more fun than I thought it would be. Dancing around and peeping through dresses when no-one is watching is a great game to play and kept us both entertained! At one shop we were given some passes to a bridal expo so we trotted on off to that in the evening. It is probably the first and last bridal expo I will go to. So overwhelming and I wasn’t even looking at stuff for myself! The catwalk was seriously cringe worthy and there wasn’t one dress I’d have picked. Anyway, at least it was free. No loss there.

Saturday we went for a drive up to the mountains to Maleny. It is a cute, quaint town that has cafes and little stores along the main strip. We chose an ‘organic café’ to get lunch from and when it was brought out I realised it was vegan and raw as well. It tasted delicious but didn’t sit on my stomach well at all and upon reading the menu where it said nothing is heated above 40 degrees, I realised why. After that experience, raw food is not a bandwagon I will be jumping on.

Maleny has a beautiful scenic drive with a few stops overlooking the beautiful valley and Glasshouse Mountains. We stopped twice along the way to get photos.

Once we got home we pretty much had to leave again to make it to the Eat markets in Hamilton that are apparently on every Friday and Saturday night. I finally met Ash from Miss Directions in person and she’s every bit as nice as she comes across on her blog. The markets are really cool and I so wish we had some in Sydney. There were healthy and not-so-healthy options to choose from with plenty of stalls with rich treats for dessert. As well as the food stalls, there were the usual nick-nack stores that most markets have with the added extra of live music in a couple of spots. I loved how the markets were decorated and so well put together rather than thrown together. There was heaps of seating (you’d never see that in Sydney!), it was spacious and an all-round good night.
We weren’t sick of markets yet, so Monday saw another trip to some markets, this time in Eagle Farm. These were just your run of the mill weekend markets with food stalls, nick nack stores and a huge fruit market. It was quite hot on Sunday so we didn’t last long there before we headed to The Burrow in West End for breakfast. That place is a really funky café that seems to do lunch and dinner as well, judging by the extensive alcohol list. I demolished my ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ breakfast that consisted of poached eggs, zucchini, tomato, basil and fetta and we headed home to relax for the rest of the day before my flight.
As luck would have it, after a beautiful weekend of sunshine the storm moved in right when I was supposed to board, pushing boarding back half an hour. No biggie for me and I made it home at a decent time to get ready for the week ahead.
How was your weekend?

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  1. Same as you.. My weekend was great.. I traveled to Brisbane Australia and find great adventure there