Thursday, April 24, 2014


Making: Another dress with the Sewaholic Cambie pattern. I made the dress you saw in this post last weekend (I'll write a post on that next week), and hopefully I will make a similar version over the next few weeks with nicer material.
Anticipating: Our engagement party. The weekend. Seeing friends.

Reading: The fault in our stars by John Green. This is the first hardcover book I've read since I got my kindle 18 months ago. I was stuck in a rut with the kindle and often would start a book and not finish, so it's nice to read an actual book for a change. So far, the story line is really good.

Listening: Band of Horses. A great band with great music.
Wearing: Warmer clothes. Seriously, how good is Winter fashion? Layers, boots...bliss.
Looking forward to: This day ending!
Also, deep sea fishing this weekend. I volunteer with a group within Down Syndrome NSW and we're off to go fishing. I can't wait!
Watching: The other night, S and I started watching a series called Silicone Valley. Highly recommend it.. it's a HBO tv series and despite my initial reservations, I actually find it quite funny.
Thinking about: The last time I wrote a post like this, the answer was 'A long lost uni friend who I’d love to get in touch with again. I have texted but not sure if she has the same number. Time will tell. It’s a shame I let that friendship slip by because she is a beautiful person'.
Well, I got in touch with her again and wow a lot happens in a couple of years. She had gotten married and had finished uni etc. Actually, she texted me the day Steve proposed, so it was nice to re-connect with such good news!
Apart from that, I am thinking about how hard it is to please everyone. Life is tough, but we get through it!
What about you?


  1. Yes I love winter fashion! That's so nice that you re-connected with your friend, what a lovely update!

  2. I am glad to hear you got back in touch with that friend from uni :) At this age i feel its so hard to make new, real friendships !

    1. It really is hard and I am surprised at how flaky some people are at this age too. E.g., organising to catch up for lunch/coffee etc and then cancelling and not re-organising. I know I am guilty of this when I am really busy but I always make an effort to text or call to find out when people are free again.