Sunday, April 27, 2014

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing isn't something I ever thought I'd find myself doing, however when it came up as one of the scheduled activities in the group I volunteer with I thought I'd give it a shot. 

I volunteer with a group of people that have Down Syndrome and pretty much once a week the group goes out to an organised activity to catch up with their friends and try something new. While there were only four from the group present yesterday and five volunteers, we still had a great day out on the water. 

It started with getting on the boat at about 1pm. All was well in the water with no-one really experiencing sea sickness until we were just out past the heads (really in the ocean there). After about half an hour of fishing, one fish was caught and in the whole three hours we were out another two were caught. It was about the two hour mark when a few people started to feel a little sea sickness after the waves picked up, so we made the decision to head back in early so we could have a quick BBQ and get anyone that felt sick off the boat. 

The weather was really nice the whole time with the clouds keeping their rain at bay. With the clouds that lasted well until the sun set, the sunset itself was a spectacular pink and purple colour. Shame I didn't take my real camera with me as the iPhone doesn't pick up much in the way of good photos. 

I really love volunteering with this group. The group members and volunteers are all so friendly and it's great to have a chat and find out what everyone has been up to. It's fulfilling to be able to help people maintain a social life and really great to see how excited they are when they get to experience new things or even just see a friend. 

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  1. What a gorgeous view you had coming back into Sydney! I truly admire you and others who dedicate your time to volunteering to bring joy into other's lives, I'm sure the group really appreciated their day out xxx

    1. They sure did. Particularly those who were sick and needed assistance.. It was a really fun day!

  2. I'm from Fiji and I have never been fishing! Deep sea or otherwise. I might have to give it a go, I do love the water and being out on the boat is a lot of fun. And good on you for volunteering, it's such a wonderful way to not only give back but also learn new skills and experience new things yourself :)