Friday, January 17, 2014

Centennial Park and Sugar Daddies

Hello everyone!

I find that I have really great blog weeks and then I follow it up with a really shit blog week. Last week, 4 posts... This week 1! Better 1 than none.

Not too much noteworthy things have been happening around here over the past week. Friday night of last week we traipsed across town to Centennial Park for a dusk walk. That park is so beautiful and if I could live in the exclusive neighbourhood just off to the side of the park (Robertson Road/Martin Road) it would probably be my life made. Ok, maybe not life made but it would be up there in the list of things that would be pretty spectacular. It's a one road in/out type neighbourhood and a trip to the park is not complete without a drive through to look at all the houses I might not ever afford. 

We took the camera to have a play and ended up just goofing around as we usually do. S's cousin was also with us and offered to take some photos which is nice because the photos of S and I together are lacking. Not to be mistaken for lack of trying though - I try and S says no.
Saturday was spent at Birkenhead buying runners for S's cousin and then Sunday I was really sick which I feel like I am still recovering from.

The DSLR has a double exposure mode allowing you to take a photo of a person or object and then a photo of something else (leaves etc). We haven't perfected it obviously but I love this picture that S took of me at a park a couple of weeks ago. Funnily, he uploaded it to facebook and got a comment from my Mum asking why he had wrapped me in gladwrap for the photo. I guess she didn't see the big leaves across my body.

S's cousin is currently staying with us and was talking about work and how she would rather just not do it. The same day I was reading the most reliable news website ever and came across an article on 'sugar daddies'. I clicked through to the website they were talking about for a laugh and honestly, it is more cringeworthy than laugh worthy. Take a look:

I was just skimming through the profiles on my phone before realising you can actually click on the profiles to find out their annual income and net worth. All I am saying is $250,000 net worth doesn't make you a sugar if you have to pick one, pick wisely. 

What have you all been up to?

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  1. I've never heard of that whole double exposure thing- it looks awesome!

    1. It's a cool function on the camera. I guess if you were doing it manually you would need to be good at photoshop!

  2. Hahaha, I definitely having been up to surfing for sugar daddies this month, but it'll be good to keep in mind for when work gets tough. :P