Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, S!!

 Last Sunday was S's Birthday and while I was supposed to be studying, I decided spoiling him was more important. We were still up at 12am, so we started his birthday with a drink and chat before heading to bed.
Before S woke up, I got out the helium balloon tank and blew up some balloons to put downstairs. A nice touch to any Birthday and a lot of entertainment for Teddy. It seems Ted loves to play with balloons!
Once S's family arrived, we headed out for breakfast to Vicinity in Alexandria. We'd only been there for a drink before so were keen to try out the food. The menu was limited and it seemed as though the only options were quite simple, but each meal had a little twist that made it delicious. S loves pancakes with maple syrup and bacon and whilst this wasn't on the menu, the chef was happy to change up one of the dishes so he could have brioche, bacon and maple syrup.

The food was delicious and well priced. Most breakfast meals were around $15 and the portions sizes were filling. Vicinity also does lunch and dinner and I have heard the dinner is pretty outstanding, so we'd love to go back some time and try it out.
We had hoped to go to 'The Grounds' in Alexandria for breakfast, but since that was booked out we ended up just strolling through there after breakfast. They have pigs and chickens and different herbs and vegetables that they are growing. It looks like a really great place to eat.

If you also can't get a table there, you can just go and watch the little pig foraging for whatever is hidden in the depths of all that dirt. The little one was on the go the whole time we were watching him and only picked his head up for a breather. 

The Grounds also does an outdoor bacon and egg sandwich BBQ that seemed pretty popular. That and the fresh juice from the stand next to it and I'd say you've got a nice easy breakfast. There was a little flower cart and berry stand too, so something to suit everyone.
Afterwards, we went out for cake at Kurtosh in Surry Hills. The concept they have there is interesting whereby you pay for your cake per 100g slice. Lucky for us as we were all stuffed from breakfast and only needed small slivers of cake. I didn't get any pictures, but believe me when I say the cake was delicious! The cafe itself is quite large and there is plenty of seating, however they don't have air conditioning or ample windows and it was quite stuffy inside. I think Kurtosh might be more of a Winter cake and coffee destination.

S, I hope you had a great day. We all love you!!

* All photos taken on my iPhone...I forgot my camera!


  1. You have a helium baloon tank? That's awesome! Maybe it's a worthwhile investment coming from a balloon loving home culture. :)

    1. Yep, I got it from the Reject Shop. It was only about $40 from memory. Not the best helium but it does the trick.

  2. Happy Birthday to S!!
    Such a cute idea with the ballons.. The food looks delish!