Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A good weekend indeed

 We had a fun weekend this past weekend. Relaxing and soaking up the beautiful weather Mother Nature sent our way. I know I said I was looking forward to Winter, but being able to go out in to the sun is pretty special too.
Saturday S and I watched a fair bit of Homeland and then I decided I felt like cake so we went for a drive to Glebe with his little sister, D. Badde Manors is a cafe we regularly frequent and their cake selection is second to none. Unfortunately there are no photos of any of our cake because I forgot to whip the camera out. Rest assured, my cake was delicious. Triple mousse cake could never be bad though.
We walked through Glebe and found street art, so of course I needed a photo with it.

Around dusk we headed to the beach so S could try a new photography technique he had read about (photos to come later in the week). While he was taking photos, D and I were pretending to do Body Attack and yoga by the sea. Inspired by the fresh sea air, we decided that we would head back on Sunday for a beach to beach run and a swim.
And head back we did. Although since we left after 11am, it was quite hot already - too hot for a run. So we walked instead then headed back to stake a spot along the water at Clovelly. I had actually never been in to the water at Clovelly despite visiting that beach many times. I don't know if you've ever been there, but it is really hard to get in to the water! Clovelly is like a giant rock pool and rocks surround the side of the beach. Once you are in though, it is bliss.

We headed up to the cafe to eat food and as we were walking back to the car we noticed a rescue helicopter overhead. Turns out a man had been stung by a stingray and had to be airlifted from the rocks.

A good weekend, indeed.

Speaking of good things, I bought this O.P.I nail polish a couple of weeks ago from a Japanese shop on Clarence Street called Maruyu. With a $9.90 price tag, I couldn't resist. I picked my colour, paid for my polish and went home and looked at the bottom to find out what the colour was said Alpine Snow. Umm, ok. So I still don't know what it is called, but it goes on well, stays on well (I went a whole 24 hours without a chip...for me, that is a huge feat!!) and is a pretty colour. I am not complaining!
Excuse my bodgy paint job. Not my finest skill
How was your weekend?
Soaking up the weather, wherever you are?

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  1. That lego street art is amazing! I love the colour of your OPI nails, you do a better job than me, I spend ages picking it off from around my fingers. Sounds like an amazing weekend. We are just having cold and still snow here in UK, rubbish! I wish I could go around in shorts and tshirt like you! xxx