Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This past weekend was spent soaking up the last day of Summer weather on Saturday and experiencing the first day of Canberra Winter on Sunday. The drive down to Canberra on Saturday was accompanied by lovely sunny weather the whole drive and stayed through all afternoon. Sunday, we woke to a chill in the air that can only indicate the arrival of the cooler months.

S’s cousins live in Canberra and we decided it was about time we high tailed down there to catch up with them. We got up at 6:30am on Saturday (so early!) and were in Canberra just before lunch time after a couple of stops for Teddy to stretch his legs and brunch at Grandma’s Bakery (Fedra Olive Grove).
We spent the afternoon lazing around and then headed down to Lake Burley Griffin for a picnic and some drinks before we got ready to head out to the city for more drinks. I’d love to say I took it easy like the original plans, but after sangria, gin and some espresso cocktails I was left a little worse for wear. I should have known no night out with the cousins is ever done in half assed efforts. There are no photos of the night because the DSLR was playing up and wouldn't focus.
Sunday was spent at S’s Uncles house nursing sore heads and eating nice food before the long drive back home. Of course, we stopped again along the way to get some photos of Lake George just like every other tourist that has ever gone to Canberra.
I miss living in Canberra. Something about Canberra still feels like home to me and the relaxed atmosphere is definitely present, unlike Sydney where everything is busy..all the time. It was a nice relaxing little getaway but I was happy to be home at the end of the weekend.

What did you all get up to over the weekend?

Do you enjoy the Winter snap?


  1. That brunch looks AMAZING!!! I am thinking of a trip to Canberra just for that lol.

    1. They have a cafe in Alexandria too, so if you're around there sometime check it out. Such good fooD

  2. Great pictures! What the heck is that dish with the eggs? That looks AMAZING!

    Some Snapshots Blog

    1. Thanks, Jess.
      I can't remember the name of the dish, but it had eggs, capsicum (bell peppers?), a tomato sauce and herbs. It was baked too. Very delicious!

    2. Sounds fantastic- I may attempt to recreate this! Thanks!

  3. such a cute puppy~ Beautiful pictures girl!