Friday, February 15, 2013

With these hands - Week Two - Garden

For our second ‘With these hands’ DIY project, Ash and I have chosen the theme ‘Garden’.
Miss Directions

The rules again if you wish to participate are:

  • No nail-art (because there plenty of girls out there who can do that better than us!)
  • Anything else goes really, whether it's as simple as a drawing or as complicated as a quilt so long as you can make/create it and it fits the theme it counts.
  • The project has to be started before the following Friday - but not completed if it's a big one
  • We have to blog about the project

The theme really is open to interpretation any way you would like to. You could make anything from a herb garden, to some art or even a floral arrangement.
If you would like to participate, let us know and we will see about having a badge made for you to put on your blog.

You can see Week one’s Valentine’s Day project here
And Ash’s here
Happy Weekend, friends.

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