Thursday, February 14, 2013

With these hands - Valentine's Day

Better late than never, here is my 'With these hands' Valentine's DIY project.

Originally, I wanted to make a love heart garland using felt. I started that project with hopes to put the final touches on tonight, but I was not loving the result, so instead I decided to make a card. We are not huge on Valentine's Day as our anniversary is in a couple of weeks so I knew anything I made would be appreciated but S would rather me not make a huge fuss.

I really love the look of tissue paper pom poms and I thought I would incorporate them in to the card. They can be tedious, especially with the size I was making them. When they are made well though, they look really pretty. 

Mine were not the best pom poms, but I am still happy with how the card came out. I could re-use this design and also alter it for Weddings, Birthdays etc. It really isn't just a Valentine's Day type card.

You will need: 

- Tissue Paper ($2 from K-Mart)

- String (I already had some on hand)
- A card or cardstock
- Glue (or tape if you ran out of glue like me!!)
You will need to choose a background colour and cut it in to a square smaller than the size of your card. Mine was about 8cm x 8cm. Glue or tape it down.
Choose three more colours, or any combination you want to. I chose dark and light pink. For the smaller pom poms, you will only need about 5-6 layers otherwise it will be too big and chunky. I cut my first square about 6cm x 6cm, the second one 5cm x 5cm and the smallest 3cm x 3cm. 

To make the actual pom poms, I followed this tutorial. When making them, be very careful as the smaller pom poms are easier to rip and a lot more tedious than the larger ones. 

Stick them on to the card any way you wish. I liked the look of the sizes getting smaller and so that's how I stuck them.

This is a very simple DIY but with more practice and some different ideas, it can actually look really good!
Check out what Ash made over at Miss Directions


  1. I love the pom poms :-) I'd like to make garlands of them to hang...but that would be tacky for everyday, right? haha

  2. So cute! And what a great idea!

    I am also stopping by to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Come on over to my blog to check it out.

    Alyson from