Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A picnic, cocktails and a hike

Friday night, S and I decided to go out for some drinks and before we went, we ended up sitting in the yard for awhile having a little picnic. We put on some nice music and just relaxed with Ted, some cider and food.

Afterwards, we went in to Newtown and went to The Black Sheep. I've been there before and had a great time but I suspect they have changed hands as the food was not as good and the cocktail list smaller. I ended up just drinking wine and so we headed to Kuleto's cocktail bar. The menu there is huge and they are always willing to make something to your preference. 

Spring Martini
I can't remember the name of this..but it was on fire.
On Sunday, S and I decided to go back to Maroubra to try and find the old Military Bunkers that were scattered across the bushland along the coast. The walk was beautiful and would have been better if we'd taken some water with us! We found the bunkers but were disappointed to see they had been shut off from the public. Not to worry though, the exercise was nice and it was a fun day anyway. 

There were a few bunkers that were totally underground where you can only see the door to get in and the rest of them are above ground, but well hidden in the shrubbery. I totally underestimated how thick the bushes would be and wore shorts...and came out bearing many scratches on my legs! It was a bit disappointing to see so much graffiti, but hey what do you do.

What did you do on the weekend?

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  1. Before getting pregnant, I loved cocktail bars. Looks like a fun weekend!