Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rainy Days

I'm sure everyone has heard about the non-stop rain in Sydney, so lets skip that. 

After running out of mascara last week, I was on the search for something that was good and not too expensive. I read a few recommendations and ended up browsing to find something decent. 

I look for a few things in Mascara. Nice to layer, lasts all day and doesn't go gluggy. I ended up choosing Covergirl mousse mascara and after receiving it in the post, I am pleasantly surprised at the quality. I've had it on all day today and it looks the same as when I applied it this morning. 

Whilst browsing, I also came across Revlon lip stain. I got the three pack and tried it out as soon as I got my package from the post office. The reviews I'd read were pretty mixed, but I wasn't too fussed if it didn't work since I'd only paid $17 for a three pack. 

Well, it has lasted so well! I wore it all day today and came home with a pleasant berry glow on my lips. Usually, when wearing lipstick I have to re-apply a few times a day. With the lip stain I only need to reapply a gloss to keep my lips nice and shiny.

Shopping with is easy and the package was sent out the day after I ordered. Very pleased!

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